Pikidoo is a free VJ software for Dingoo

It's a quick port from our previous project Pikix

While working with the Dingoo device, I have been quite disapointed by this system on various points, so cannot really recommend to purchase one.

But if you happen to own a Dingoo A320, check out Pikidoo!

We only used this software live once, for our AV show Classic Masakra at LPM Roma

Pikidoo is compatible with k17 video files compressed with the kouky2x tool.

See Pikix for more infos about those video files

Dingoo features:

more infos on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dingoo_A320

Download Pikidoo

Kouky compression tool

Grab it here.

Dingoo A320

Dingoos A320




right / leftprevious / next loop
downhalf speed

selectopen / close menu
Areset loop to first frame
Bbackward / forward
Yfade to black