Super Pikix is a free VJ software for the Caanoo

It features all the classic VJ softwares options. It's a deluxe version of Pikix, with many improvements and new features.

The Caanoo?

The Caanoo is an open-source, Linux-based handheld video game console and media player created by GamePark Holdings of South Korea. (source: wikipedia)

But I thought a MacBook Pro was the best for live visuals...

...And it's also very precious, so leave it home when performing for that no budget warehouse rave party...
Just bring your Caanoo and show you can do more with less!

Caanoo key features

Super Pikix key features



Super Pikix is free, donations are very welcomed.

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super pikix
super pikix screenshot super pikix screenshot
super pikix screenshot super pikix screenshot
super pikix

Super Pikix

Quick instructions


Extract the "superpikix_v1_delicate_pig.zip" archive on your hard drive, copy its content into your Caanoo SD card in to the "apps" folder. You can extract it anywhere else on your card but then it won't be displayed in the Caanoo's quick launch screen.

Run Super Pikix via the App quick launch screen, or via the explorer if you've copied it in another location

First mix

The archive includes a few demo footages, ready for a quick test.

On the title screen, choose "mix", press B to load the top playlist, et voilà!

Video out

Connect your Caanoo and your projector/video mixer with the Caanoo's TV out cable (not included with the console, don't forget to buy it separately!)

From the "video out" menu, choose PAL or NTSC

super pikix

Use your own footage


To mix your own creations, compress your footage using the Kouky compression tool, available on both Windows and Mac osX. Super Pikix is compatible with .k17 and .k18 files.

Then copy your .k17 / .k18 files into the "video" folder of your Super pikix installation.

Edit your playlists

From the Super Pikix Start screen, choose "edit ". Create and edit your playlists using the Caanoo's stylus.

Kouky compression tool

Grab it here

super pikix screenshot

Buttons & touch screen configuration



| display / hide the touch buttons IMPORTANT!
hold || pause
right / left next and previous video track
hold R + up high speed
hold R + down low speed
B play forward / backward
HOME display / hide playlist selection screen


use option menu to pair a filter with a button
R + Y / B / X / A select a paired filter
R + touch screen change settings of selected filter
up turn on/off selected filter

overlay mode

L + touch screen change overlay mode between layers