Pikix is a free VJ software for the GP2X

It features all the classic VJ softwares options.

Pikix is a popular software among 8-bit VJs such as VJ Kissdub, Otromatic and Jean Kim.

What is a GP2X?

The GP2X is an open-source, Linux-based handheld video game console and media player created by GamePark Holdings (South Korea) in 2005. It has an open architecture, allowing anybody to develop and run software.
The GP2X has been declined in two versions : "F100" and "F200". The second model features a touchscreen, among other changes.
(source: gp2x wikipedia article)

The GP2X is not sold anymore but you can easily find a second hand one on auctions websites.

GP2X key features:

Pikix key features:

Download Pikix

for Windows XP and GP2X

Releases 8 to 10 support both F-200 and F-100 GP2X models, older releases only support the F-100 (black) model.

pikix setup

Pikix setup

live pikix

Visual act festival, march 08, FR (photo: Joot)

pikix screens @ soxan party

Soxan party, jan 08, London, UK


Pikix screenshotPikix screenshot Pikix screenshotPikix screenshot


Live from braindrop 09
pikix movie
music style: clowncore
pikix movie
music style: electro noise
pikix movie
music style: breakcore / experimental
Live from Braindrop 19
pikix movie
music style: breakcore / experimental

Quick start

Using windows XP

Extract the "pikix_v10_megalomaniac_panda.zip" archive on your hard drive and execute "Pikix.exe".

Using the GP2X

Extract the "pikix_v10_megalomaniac_panda.zip" archive on your hard drive and copy its content into your GP2X SD card. Via the "game" menu of your console, launch "Pikix".

Quick use

The archive includes a few demo footages, it is ready for a quick test.

On the title screen, choose "mix" to reach the the playlist selection screen.

Press B to load the first playlist, and mix!

pikix title screen

Use your own footages

Using windows XP

Now you've tried the demo footages of Pikix, you'd problably like to mix with your own footages. To do so, they need to be converted to a .k17 file using the Kouky v17 tool you downloaded with Pikix.

Prepare your footage

Choose a video loop of maximum 250 frames. Convert it to a .bmp, static .gif, or .png files sequence, or to a quicktime movie. Dimensions must be 320x240 pixels. Quicktime movies framerate must be 25 frames per second. Virtualdub, a free software, can help for this conversion.

Compress your footage to the k17 format

Download the Kouky compression tool for windows / OS X

Edit your playlists

From Pikix Start screen, choose "edit playlist" and press B.

If you're using windows XP, press TAB to open the menu. If you're using your GP2X, press the Y button.


Use the help bar (select button or enter), it's very usefull as it shows you the available shortcuts.

Don't use Batteries during a gig, use an AC adaptator. I mixed one time using brand new batteries, and they died after just 40 minutes of mix!

Pikix is drunkproof, I can tell ;)

Kouky compression tool

Grab it here.

pikix playlist selection screenpikix playlist edition tool screen

Key mapping

On the white GP2X (F200), the joystick click is replaced by touching the upper left corner of the screen

On the white GP2X (F200):
Touch the top right of the screen for a white flash
Scratch the video by touching the lower half of the screen!

GP2X button

Windows keyboard




display / hide the help bar

right and left

right and left

next and previous video track



change active layer



swap layers order

joystick click


go to first frame



play forward / backward

start + select

space + return

go to the playlist screen selector

R + select


reset special effects and overlay, set both layers to track 0

special effects

L + Y + joystick click

1 + TAB

enable/disable mirror effect

L + B + joystick click

2 + TAB

enable/disable scrolling effect

L + X + joystick click

3 + TAB

enable/disable negative colors effect

L + A + joystick click

4 + TAB

enable/disable contrast effect

R + Y + joystick click

5 + TAB

enable/disable zoom effect

R + B + joystick click

6 + TAB

enable/disable hue effect

R + X + joystick click

7 + TAB

enable/disable Game Boy palette effect

R + A + joystick click

8 + TAB

enable/disable glitch effect

L + Y + joystick direction

1 + keyboard arrow

adjust mirror effect direction

L + B + joystick direction

2 + keyboard arrow

adjust scrolling effect direction

L + A + joystick direction

4 + keyboard arrow

adjust contrast effect color

R + A + joystick direction

8 + keyboard arrow

adjust glitch effect

R + B + joystick direction

6 + keyboard arrow

adjust hue effect color

play mode options

Y + right or left joystick direction

V + right or left keyboard arrow

switch between "loop", "bounce" & "random frame" modes

B + right or left joystick direction

B + right or left keyboard arrow

switch between "one track" & "all tracks" modes

A + right or left joystick direction

N + right or left keyboard arrow

switch between "reset to first frame" & "continue" modes

hold VOL +

hold F10

high speed

hold VOL -

hold F9

low speed

overlay mode

L + R + B


blend mix overlay mode

L + R + Y


addition overlay mode

L + R + A


black chroma key overlay mode

L + R + up


multiply overlay mode

L + R + right


white chroma key overlay mode

L + R + down


half/half overlay mode

L + R + X


disable overlay mode

Complete VJ setup

a GP2X


a SD card

You need it to install Pikix on and to store your footages. A 1 Gig card should provide enough storage.

an AC adaptator

Using batteries is too risky, you'd better use an AC adaptator.

a TV adaptator

Without this cable, you won't be able to plug your console into a videoprojector (S-video output)

gp2x vj setup