Stands for "Playstation 2 for Video Jockey"

PS24VJ is a VJ software running on the Sony Playstation 2 video game system which features most classic VJ softwares options. Leave your laptop home and just take your PS2 with you when performing a gig!

Invite another VJ to join you for a jam: PS24VJ can be controlled by two users simultaneously!

Key features

Current version

June 2013 - v 1.05

How to get the PS24VJ software

I happily share this project with other VJs for a money donation via Paypal: let me know how much you would donate and you'll get a copy of PS24VJ if your offer is welcomed.

Make an offer via this contact form.

More infos

Detailled description of PS24VJ features

User's manual

pink ps2

A pink Playstation 2: perfect machine for a NuRave VJ :)

PS24VJ screenshotPS24VJ screenshot pikilipita ps24vj pikilipita ps24vj pikilipita ps24vj pikilipita ps24vj


Classic Masakra
ps24vj movie
live LPM 2010, Roma, Italy
ps24vj movie
collaboration with sound
artist Werner Moebius
performed in Manchester
Skream & Benga set
ps24vj movie
performed in BLOC festival, Butlins, UK
ps24vj movie
Pikilipita 4 collaboration

live from Café 1001,London
Sound on vision
ps24vj movie
live from Vibe bar, London
You be my princess Peach
ps24vj movie
Two players training
ps24vj movie
home video