Pikilipita Advance Cartridges & ROM

Video mix software for Nintendo systems

pikilipita advance cartridge

Pikilipita Advance cartridge (photo: alex turner / cuisine)

We have produced a limited edition of 80 Game Boy Advance cartridges of this software. They are presented in a nice packaging, a user manual is included.

Pikilipita Advance is also available as a ROM: the exact copy of the software on the cartridge. This ROM works with Game Boy Advance emulators. We recommend Visual Boy Advance: it's free and works with both Windows and Mac OS X (http://vba.ngemu.com).

Cartridges are shipped from France. You will receive a confirmation e-mail shorty after completing your order.

Cartridge compatibility list

ROM compatibility list (emulators)

ROM for emulator, full version: 15€

Pay with Paypal to download the ROM

(Not the actual cartridge, just the software)

ROM for emulator, demo version: FREE


Includes 7 stages